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Brought to you by Tom Brew K3WS.    You will also find information on the 147.060 Cambria North Repeater as well as our growing Repeater Linking System.  Click on the K3WS Repeater Button.  Enjoy and 73's - Tom.
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K3WS Repeater 147.060 + PL 167.9

 The K3WS repeater is back on the air and stronger than ever.  The PL has changed to 167.9  Please let me know where you have worked the repeater and how it performed for you.  Thank you to Scott Zimmerman N3XCC, and David Hunter N3YFO for the repairs made on July 7, 2009.

NEW FOR 2011, Thanks to N5NWC, N3XCC, N3YFO and the Grubb's Pharmacy Data Center we have put the K3WS ARES/ACS Repeater 442.900+ PL 167.9 on the air in Washington DC Just two blocks from the nations capitol.  Linked to the Wide Area Network Repeater System this machine will serve a valuable role in the time of need.

SCROLL DOWN for our newly published Linking Detail....

Motorola Micor repeater at 100 Watts with N3XCC Controller PC.

Thank you to Cambria County EMS, and the few truly great Hams that made this repeater possible.  Enjoy the quality of the 060.

The repeater is at 2240 ft above sea level and the antenna sits another 150 ft higher.  The site is gated with 911 Center Security Monitoring, climate controlled with emergency generator back up.  Perfect for our Cambria County ARES and RACES work.

K3WS is the host of EchoLink Node Number 377672 Callsign K3WS-L connected to the WA3WGN Repeater 146.940 - PL 123 owned and operated by the ( http://www.cambriaradio.com/ ) CAMBRIA RADIO CLUB Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

K3WS repeater is now the host of EchoLink Node Number 377673 Callsign K3WS-R and AllStar Node Number 27348

The overview found at http://www.wanrepeater.net/ explains an amateur radio linking system which has been deployed in the central region of Pennsylvania which has near seamless north-south coverage from the New York State line into northern Maryland and Washington DC.  It is the intention of the development team that this link system remain fluid in its application; which can and will change in purpose, as the need arises.  The official name of the link system is "The Wide Area Network Repeater System" or WAN-RS.  In times of disaster, it will serve many purposes for agencies like FEMA, PEMA, ARES and RACES/ACS, but from a neutral standpoint.


Other Local Repeater Systems Status: As of December 2010





Blue Knob VHF KB3KWD 147.150 PL 167.9 ON LINE.   (TAIT Repeater 100 W)

Brush Mtn UHF NU3T 442.100 PL 167.9 ON LINE, Echolink On. (TAIT Repeater 100 W)

Brush Mtn 6M KB3KWD 53.95- PL 167.9 - OFF LINE(Mitrek 43 W)

Dunning Mtn UHF NU3T 443.875 PL 123.0 ON LINE. (25 W)

Loop Mtn UHF WO3T 442.600 PL 123.0 ON LINE. (Motorola MSF 100 W)


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